How to relieve knee pain with wormwood pain patches?

Accidental injuries and elderly people often face knee pain. Some old knee injuries are often difficult to cure and can cause continuous pain to patients. Although prescription drugs such as lidocaine and ibuprofen, as well as some opioid drugs, can quickly relieve knee pain, the issue of knee pain will still be present again after the efficacy period ends. The mugwort painkillers have largely solved the aforementioned knee pain problem. As a magical Chinese herbal plant, do you know how it alleviates and treats knee pain? Reading this article, we will explore the mysteries together with you.

How to relieve knee pain with wormwood pain patches

Artemisia argyi is a perennial herbaceous plant widely distributed in Asia and Europe, with 300 to 400 different species of Artemisia argyi worldwide. In ancient Western records, the Romans picked the tender branches and leaves of mugwort and placed them in sandals to prevent foot pain symptoms during long-distance travel. There are also various classic cases of using wormwood to treat different diseases in traditional Chinese medicine literature.

The essential oil obtained from processing and refining wormwood is rich in α- and β- Ingredients such as platycodone and artemisinin (CAS: 546-49-6) are essential for the production of wormwood pain relief patches. In addition, some auxiliary traditional Chinese medicine animal and plant ingredients will be added to the mugwort pain relieving patch to enhance the overall pain relieving effect of the patch. Some common medicinal ingredients for pain relief patches include Angelica sinensis, Angelica dahurica, Angelica dahurica, Osmanthus membranaceus, camphor, Ligusticum chuanxiong, etc. These traditional Chinese medicine extracts can effectively eliminate inflammation and swelling in the knee area through skin penetration, accelerate the recovery of the knee area, and treat and alleviate knee pain.


2、 What are the common causes of knee pain?

Knee pain is a comprehensive problem, which can be caused by unexpected impacts, old sports injuries, aging knee bone wear, short-term overuse, immune deficiency, etc. Here are some common causes of knee pain.

3. How does mugwort pain relief patch alleviate knee pain?

How does mugwort pain relief patch alleviate knee pain

The working principle of wormwood pain relief patch is to release effective ingredients such as wormwood in the pain relief patch from the knee pain area through skin penetration. These effective ingredients can accelerate blood circulation in the knee area, eliminate knee inflammation, promote metabolic processes in the human body, and thus alleviate knee pain or completely cure knee pain problems over a longer period of time.

Mugwort has a good promoting blood circulation function, which can accelerate the flow of blood around the knee, help reduce inflammation and promote the repair of damaged tissues. At the same time, mugwort also helps to relieve tense muscles and fascia, reducing pressure and pain around the knees.

4. Precautions for using wormwood pain relief patches

Although in the vast majority of cases, wormwood painkillers do not have side effects, patients still need to pay attention to some relevant precautions when using them to ensure safety and effectiveness. The following are the precautions to be taken when using wormwood pain relief patches.

Aicao Pain Relief Patch is widely used to treat knee pain and other issues. Whether it’s knee arthritis, ligament damage, or knee pain caused by acute impact or sprain, wormwood pain relief patches can have a huge effect. A large number of clinical medical experiments have proven that mugwort painkillers have very good effects in treating and alleviating knee pain. Avoiding the medical side effects caused by lidocaine, ibuprofen, and even opioid analgesics. If you are experiencing knee pain, please choose to use wormwood pain relief patch to alleviate the problem

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